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a year ago

E7 Balthasar's "Dare We Hope?" w/Fr. Harrison Ayre

Dare We Hope?

In this episode of Creedal Catholic, I sit down with Fr. Harrison Ayre, Pastor of Holy Family/Notre Dame Parish in Port Alberni, Canada, to talk about Hans Urs von Balthasar's controversial Dare We Hope That All Men Be Saved? Fr. Harrison and I discuss the broader context of Balthasar's work, whether or not Balthasar is guilty of advocating apokatastasis (universal reconciliation), Josef Pieper's two categories of hopelessness, Balthasar as an antidote to the dual predestination of Calvinism, whether or not God created hell, and the devil as an "un-person." It's a fascinating conversation and I hope that you enjoy!

Fr. Harrison mentioned a few articles by Balthasar that I promised to links:

"Theology and Sanctity" is in this larger work (Ignatius)

The Fathers, the Scholastics, and Ourselves

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