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3 years ago

E22 "Protestantism Made Me Catholic" w/Casey Chalk

"Protestantism Made Me Catholic" w/Casey Chalk

In today's episode we sit down with Casey Chalk, who is a regular contributor to The American Conservative, Crisis Magazine, and New Oxford Review, among other publications. Casey and I talk about his journey to the Church and his recent article, Protestantism Made Me Catholic, which was responding to Onsi Kamel's opinion piece in First Things called Catholicism Made Me Protestant. Among other things, we talk about:

  1. Are the Church Fathers in disagreement on the core tenets of the faith?
  2. Does Catholic infighting invalidate the Church's truth claims?
  3. Is St. John Henry Newman wrong on the development of doctrine and his ideas of private judgment?
  4. What is the Catholic position on works with respect to justification?

If you'd like to follow more of Casey's work, head to We'd love to hear what you think of this episode!

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